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Clean, Original Code. Custom POW. UTXO Built into Blocks Headers. Truly ASIC, Miner Centralization, and Quantum Tough. No Premining. We're looking for legitimate involvement and interest.

Asic resistant. Aggressive IO based PoW with large deterministic files should be very hard to ASIC in any sort of cost effective way. Increasing file size as hashrate increases means large SSDs and NVMEs will like remain a competitve mining option.

Quantum Tough. It is estimated that a 256-bit elliptic curve (like bitcoin uses) could be broken by a quantum computer with about 1600 qubits. SnowBlossom has a QHard mode which does a 3-of-3 multisig (secp256k1, RSA 8192, DSTU 4145) which increases the required qubits to the 16,000 range.

UTXO root in block header. Allows giving provable results to light clients, such as browser based wallets and mobile apps.

It has the usual features as well:
- Child-pays-for-parent (CPFP)
- Transaction immutability
- Resilient peer-to-peer network
- Decentralized design
- Halfing-block reward over time
- First Seen First Added FSFA (double-spend protection)

SnowBlossom (SNOW) is a cryptocurrency or a form of digital asset. SnowBlossom (SNOW) price for today is $0,7280 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,371

Coin type: coin
Open source: Yes
Development status: Working product
Hardware wallet: No
Proof type: Proof of Work
Org structure: Decentralized
Hash algorithm: Snowblossom
Circulating supply: 11 252 900 SNOW